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Our Continuing Education Forum

Our Continuing Education Forum

Our Continuing Education Forum is a series of virtual events throughout the year, hosted on Zoom, that our clients can attend free of charge. These conversations will cover a wide range of topics, from raw materials to manufacturing to the runway and more.

Our second guest will be Jason Thompson from Supima® as he joins our Co-Founder, Pete Drago for a fascinating discussion on the world's finest cotton, Supima® cotton. Supima®'s forensic approach to traceability molecularly verifies and authenticates its cotton fibers. Jason will discuss why verification is the difference in the luxury sector.

We invite you to join us for a conversation and Q&A with Pete Drago and Jason Thompson on March 22nd at 2 pm EST. Space will be limited to provide a personalized experience for our clients and can only be confirmed by RSVP.

Following the discussion, we will have a 30-minute Q&A forum for our guests to have an open and candid discussion with us about all things apparel.