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2024 Blank Hoodie Buying Guide

2024 Blank Hoodie Buying Guide

Defining GSM and its Role in Fabric

Understanding GSM (grams per square meter) remains pivotal in the apparel industry, serving as a universal gauge for fabric thickness and indirectly reflecting its weight. As we delve into 2024, GSM continues to be an indispensable tool for discerning quality, offering insights into fabric density and material usage. However, it's essential to distinguish between GSM and fabric weight, as the latter measures mass per surface area, influenced by various fabric cuts.

The significance of GSM lies in its ability to convey fabric thickness, directly correlating with quality when comparing materials of similar compositions. Yet, challenges persist within the industry as some entities may manipulate GSM figures due to limited public access to GSM measurement tools. This opacity underscores the importance of scrutinizing claims and understanding GSM's true implications for fabric quality.


Hoodies vs Crewnecks Fleece

In the realm of garment construction, selecting high-quality fabric lays the foundation for superior end products. For instance, our 400gsm fleece fabric embodies durability and robustness, ensuring longevity in the garments we create.

When considering garment assortments, the choice between hoodies and crewnecks hinges on factors such as customer preferences and style inclinations. Fleece, increasingly embraced in luxury streetwear, forms the cornerstone of apparel lines, with options like hooded sweatshirts, crewnecks, and zip-up variants dominating the market. Designers often tailor their selections based on aesthetic preferences, whether leaning towards a streetwear-inspired vibe with hoodies or opting for a more refined look with crewnecks.

Quality Heavyweight Hoodie Blanks

In the pursuit of premium quality, the GSM of fabric and the raw materials utilized play pivotal roles in crafting heavyweight hoodies renowned for their durability and comfort. Striking a balance between weight and flexibility is paramount, achieved through meticulous design elements such as reverse flatlock stitching and double-folded side ribbing. These features ensure optimal comfort without compromising on durability or fit.

3-End Fleece

For those seeking the pinnacle of luxury fleece, 3-end fleece emerges as the gold standard. Distinguished by its use of three threads instead of two, this method produces a loftier fabric ideal for screen-printing and embellishments. By incorporating GOTS® certified organic cotton for the face yarns and a blend of organic cotton and polyester for the plush interior, we deliver unparalleled softness and quality in our fleece products.



gsm cloth


Materials and Stitching

Delving deeper into garment construction, attention to detail extends to materials and stitching techniques, with organic cotton and weft knitting being favored for their superior handfeel and durability. Original Favorites prioritizes craftsmanship, eschewing production shortcuts in favor of premium materials and meticulous stitching to ensure unrivaled quality in every garment.High quality blank hoodies

          High quality blank hoodiesHigh quality blank hoodies

Tear-Away Labels

Even seemingly minor details like tear-away labels are not overlooked, offering customers seamless customization options and reaffirming our commitment to providing unparalleled support and resources for their brands. 

Original Favorites was built to provide our customers with the best support and resources for their brands.  We provide premium quality garments down to the tear-away label to keep our customers’ customization and success in mind. We pride ourselves on supporting our customers in any way we can, which includes unmatched customer support and being a trusted industry resource.


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