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"Our backgrounds are in street fashion and menswear..."

Where to find a quality "blank" is a common discussion amongst well designed brands in the fashion space. In order to offer something that is premium to one to your customers you had to get them made via cut-and-sew construction typically using your own patterns and sourcing fabrics. Not only is that expensive and time consuming, but it also requires large minimum orders.

We started Original Favorites to fill a niche in the market that has been ignored by the major brands that have dominated this industry for the last 50 years.

"The lack of quality wholesale blanks is almost comical..."

Price is the primary focus of most folks shopping for imprintables and that is just fine because the establishment will continue to serve them quite well. But there are some out there that are price conscious but also quality conscious and that is where we fit in. With 400gsm organic ringspun cotton sweatshirts starting at $22.00 wholesale, 220gsm Baby French Terry T-Shirts starting at $12.00 wholesale, and 200gsm Supima® American Cotton T-Shirts starting at $8.50 wholesale we are able to be both affordable while offering something that is uniquely beautiful and well made.

Feel free to give us a call to discuss how we can be of help to you and your brand, organization, sports team, school or any other group that is looking for something that properly represents who you are.



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We focus on making garments of exceptional quality...

The sweatshirt and t-shirt are probably the most essential staples in your closet. We feel as though they should be durable and comfortable without sacrificing fit or style. They should be made with premium organic cotton with a soft hand and feel. Yet for some reason the marketplace is saturated with poorly made, generic looking, ill fitting wholesale blanks and printables. So with our 75 year combined background of cutting and sewing clothing we set out to make wholesale products for the few select brands and corporations looking for something more than what is widely available. The result—the world's finest wholesale customizable sweatshirts, sweaters and t-shirts.

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