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Please allow 1-2 days for processing during our Supima® T-shirt restock.
Please allow 1-2 days for processing during our Supima® T-shirt restock.

Responsible Consumer Practices - Where You Come In

Our goal at every phase of our garment production and manufacturing is to ensure that you receive the highest quality blank garment possible. We want our customers to feel empowered by the diligence and dedication from all of our partners in the supply chain.

eco-conscious buyers

The Supply Chain

Sustainable consumer education


Unmatched Customer Service

Email us anytime you need to reach us. Our goal is to provide our customers with not only the best products but also the best experience to go along with it. This way we can ensure our customers’ ultimate satisfaction. We pride ourselves on amazing customer service and are happy to give you personalized service when it comes to your purchasing choices.

Responsible consumer practices

Sustainable Consumer Education - Transparency

One of the reasons for our notable and loyal client list is our committment to ensure that what we are selling to our clients is of premium quality. We have provided our customers with complete transparency of our supply chain by detailing every step it takes to get the garment produced in their hands. We take pride in knowing that we are not only providing as much information a possible to our customers, but we are able to share details of our supply chain that we are proud of. How we produce our garments is our entire business, and has been improved in any way it can be - we are proud to relay that information to our clients.

Ethical Consumerism - Reliability

We understand that our service does not stop just when our customers receive our garments. We provide a reliable service that guarantees customer satisfaction. We ensure to our customers that our process is reliable for them and then following their purchase we are reachable and are here to answer questions or address any concerns. Our main priority is having happy customers and we therefore are always on standby to ensure a seamless service.

Unmatched Resources

Client Asset Page

We have provided our customers with a client asset page. On this page we have gathered front and back assets of our products so that our clients can try placing their prints on our products and get a better idea of what their final product will look like. We like to provide this as it gives the customer another reassurance that our products are right for them. In addition we provided some styled shots to even give our customers the biggest picture possible when it comes to our products. With all this information we know that it provides our customers with full confidence and no doubts when it comes to purchasing our garments.

As a part of our service we offer an easy way to restock on our products. We provide realistic estimates on timing of restocks and quanttity. With this realisitic transparency we provide our customers with ample information that allows them to prepare themselves and plan accordingly. We update our restocks page with every update we recieve on our products. With every step detailed it leave little room for error and provides our customers with the best information. This way we can ensure full customer satisfaction. Our restocks information page with the lastest updates can be found on our webpage here.

Responsible consumer practices