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Please allow 1-2 days for processing during our Supima® T-shirt restock.
Please allow 1-2 days for processing during our Supima® T-shirt restock.

A Commitment to Our Planet

gots certification

In 2016, Original Favorites was founded to design and produce luxury blank wholesale garments that combine an uncompromising approach to quality with an environmentally sustainable and ethically-defensible approach to manufacturing. Getting here began in the same way any luxury product is built; with an in-depth investigation into the raw materials. We focused on the best natural fibers on the planet for our products, but it was also imperative that our cultivation and use of these materials was sustainable.

Our approach to environmental stewardship includes not just the land, but the people that cultivate it as well. We value both our raw materials and every step of our production process. When it comes to uncompromised quality, our values guide us in every decision we make and have allowed us to take this business from a concept to the global leader in luxury wholesale blank knitwear.

Our partnership with Supima® began in 2016 and it directly connects us with the farmers that grow our cotton. From "dirt-to-shirt" is the phrase that we most often hear from our clients because of this unique relationship we have cultivated. The same holds true for our partnership and licensing with GOTS® for our organic certification. This gives us, and our clients, the ultimate assurance that we have gone through the most comprehensive and thorough organic certification process available. For those interested, you can read more about Supima® and our relationship here and our GOTS organic certification here.

gots certification

Our Mission

Our mission is to combine verified luxury raw materials with sustainable farming methods that include socially responsible harvesting and manufacturing practices resulting in the world's finest wholesale blank clothing.  

Sustainable Wholesale Clothing

Our Timeline


  • Original Favorites was founded
  • Official partnership with Supima® began


  • Our first blank Supima® T-shirt released to market


  • Sustainability Goals defined
  • Initiated GOTS® partnership
  • First GOTS® Certified Organic product released to market 


  • Partnered with EcoAct to complete full supply chain Carbon Footprint Assessment
  • All of our fleece and French Terry products became Oeko Tex® Standard 100 certified


  • Established strategy to achieve carbon neutrality by the end of 2023
  • Developed Carbon Footprint Offset Plan


  • Finalize carbon offset projects for the company's carbon footprint
  • Revisit and update company sustainability goals by the end of 2023
Sustainable Wholesale Clothing
Sustainable Wholesale Clothing

Our factories are some of the most dynamic and forward thinking in the apparel industry. These partners of ours assist in a variety of ways including material handling, warehousing of physical products, and raw material production and procurement. All of these activities are organized by tier when being certified and verified by third-party authenticators like Supima® and GOTS®.

Sustainable Wholesale Clothing

The fabrics we produce are created by using the some of the finest, verified raw materials we can source. This approach allows us to build products that are not only unmatched in quality but also allows us to have complete transparency into our supply chain. From our Supima® cotton t-shirts to our GOTS® certified organic fleece we focus on using credible independent third-party organizations to authenticate our products. Being able to offer our customers wholesale blanks with this level of assurance has been our mission from the beginning. In a world where rampant greenwashing and luxury-washing claims are made to consumers, we subscribe to the "prove-it" approach.

When it comes to sustainability, many consumers do want their clothing to be 'organic' and 'eco-friendly'. The only problem is that all too often these are just buzz words without any substance or proof. Most companies use these popular phrases to convince customers that their efforts are sustainable and aligned with environmental stewardship. Sadly, this is the very definition of "greenwashing". Certifications from respected and credible third-party organization are imperative here because they can help certify a brand to the most recent global sustainability standards. They do this by analyzing a company's entire supply chain to make sure every part adheres to the current global standards. The depth that these third-party certifications go give not only the company, but also gives the consumer, confidence in their clothes and assurance in the impact of their garment. These certifications are not easy to obtain but that is because they ask tough questions and demand proof of claims made by brands. We love that because we have done the work and spent the time to do this the right way and we feel others should do the same.

Our Supply Chain

Curating the perfect supply chain is no easy task and as good as ours is, it requires constant attention and analysis. It takes diligence to balance a production process that won't compromise our values and still produces the best possible quality results. We have complete transparency into our entire supply chain and are proud of that. But for as much as we have done, there will always be more that we can do. We have continued to expand each step of analysis from our farms to our final garments. Complete honesty and transparency will be what drives change in the clothing industry - we just hope that we can help show other brands that if it can be done by us, it can be done by anyone.

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