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Please allow 2 business days for processing due to our fall restock and seasonal volume.
Please allow 2 business days for processing due to our fall restock and seasonal volume.

Starting At The Beginning

Our company would not exist without the premium raw materials grown at our farms. Through a combination of land stewardship and responsible practices, our farmers are able to grow the quality materials we use to create our products. We believe at Original Favorites that quality is grown, not made.

The Supply Chain


Accountability Unmatched

The supply chain at Original Favorites starts with our cotton farmers. We connect with farms that implement sustainable and fair practices while producing the raw materials we use to produce our garments. It is imperative to go the extra mile when it comes to connecting our customers with the highest quality products and ensure trust through transparency.

Our Standards as Global Certifications

Our farms are globally certified through third-party verifiers, and signify land and human stewardship. Safe, responsible, and organic practices have to be proven at the farm level for the certifications to be obtained.  

ISO 9001 for Quality Systems:

A Quality Management System outlines good business practices and ensures consistency in providing products and services that meet customer and industry requirements. Our farms are currently up to date with ISO 9001-2015. This certification is based on standardized principles across the globe. Their standards include having a customer focus where they strive to exceed customer expectations, and a leadership concern in which they expect leaders at all levels to establish unity of purpose and direction in order to create quality conditions.

This certification ensures we have engagement throughout all levels of workers, a process approach that looks at activities being understood and managed as interrelated processes that function as a successful and coherent system. Highlighted standards are focusing on improvement at all levels, making evidence-based decisions, and managing relationships with all parties involved in a successful way.

ISO 14001 for Environmental Management Systems

Our farms adhere to the international standard for designing and implementing an environmental management system. This standard provides assurance to our customers that the environmental impact our products have is being measured and consistently improved whenever possible. These standards support advancement in sustainability measures and use it as a self-improvement tool that holds us accountable to be at the forefront of the most recent advancements in sustainability.

Fair Practices at the Forefront

Organic Forward

We pride ourselves in being certified for every part of our supply chain. In order for a product to be considered "organic", the product has to be grown organically.

Oritain Verified

Our Oritain verification through Supima® is another commitment to quality and safety. It is enforced assurance of the integrity of the product. Oritain is a verification that focuses on proving the product in question is scientifically linked to the claimed origin of the product. Oritain conducts tests in order to certify the actual product matches the "origin footprint" that is claimed by any company. Through this verification that starts at the cotton seed, we can verify for our customers the product they are receiving is 100% American Grown Supima® cotton.