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Product Spotlight: Ivy

Product Spotlight: Ivy


We are pleased to introduce Ivy as a new addition to our expanding Hooded Sweatshirt and Crewneck Sweatshirt range at

The introduction of Ivy to our collection represents a nuanced exploration of color symbolism and cultural heritage. Ivy, as a color, blends both academic rigor with bohemian flair, Ivy emerges as a timeless expression of sartorial excellence. Green hues like Ivy inherently carry significant symbolic weight. In the realm of color perception, traditions and cultural contexts exert profound influence in the way we relate to this hue of green.



Including Ivy in our product line was not arbitrary; it was the result of an intensive development process characterized by meticulous attention to detail. Our design team enjoyed the process of exploring academic references as well as references from nature to create the perfect, familiar green hue. There is a timeless elegance to it, and we believe we captured that in this color. Every aspect, from fabric selection to stitching techniques, was carefully scrutinized to ensure Ivy's embodiment of the quality and craftsmanship synonymous with

Our Ivy sweatshirts are the result of our team's vision—to create a garment imbued with a profound sense of heritage and cultural resonance.


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