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luxury streetwear blanks

Setting Your Clothing Brand Apart

How to Find Success in the Apparel Industry

Deciding to start a clothing brand is an exciting time for your business. Between starting your clothing line, figuring out which garments to carry, and the logistics of running your clothing brand, it can all seem overwhelming. Looking at the basics of comfort, materials, and style of your garments will put your brand on the right foot forward. This will set your brand apart from competitors and will put you on track for success.



One of the easiest ways to make your brand stand out is to offer high-quality products. When customers are comparing products, they want garments that are comfortable to wear and will hold their quality over time. Customers appreciate it when the garments they buy are as soft as they were on day one. An ultra-soft blank product provides the comfort level that keeps customers coming back.

Staying Current with Trends

Nowadays, trends are changing rapidly and customers are always looking for the next best thing. With social media keeping everyone connected, customers can easily see what’s in style, which can lead to an interest in the latest fashions. As the fashion industry is always changing, look to your target audience to see what products they wish to see from your business. While it is important to stay on top of trends, it can be more impactful to create timeless designs your customers can wear season after season and still be stylish. Potential customers appreciate pieces that will look good for years to come.

Social Responsibility 

Consumers are favoring brands that practice social responsibility in all phases of production. Building an eco-friendly brand identity is something that most consumers demand. It is important to back up any claims of eco-friendliness and be able to prove that your products are sustainable. The best strategy is to identify where you can find a wholesale supplier of quality clothing in the early stages of building your brand identity. Many companies have been accused of greenwashing; we want to help our customers learn how to spot brands that are using misleading marketing. When looking for a wholesale supplier of quality clothing, Original Favorites is transparent with all its practices. 


There is nothing better than when the hand-feel of a product feels luxurious. The materials used for your clothing brand are crucial to retaining customers coming back. It may seem daunting to find a trustworthy and quality supplier for your clothing brand, but identifying the materials give valuable insight into the supplier. Original Favorites chose Supima cotton, the highest quality cotton available, to build our apparel line. With its extra-long staple fiber, it is superior in strength, durability, and softness while also being sustainably grown. Our 400gsm organic cotton fleece creates an eco-friendly option that still remains high-quality.


When starting an apparel brand, it is necessary to set a price point that will appeal to your target market. It can be difficult to see what pricing will be best when evaluating competitors in the clothing industry. Typically, the price reflects the quality.  When customers are presented with a high-quality product, they don’t mind paying a higher price point because they know that the product will last.

Customer Service and User Experience

Your customers will need to have all the resources available to them when deciding to purchase from your clothing brand. Selling online provides the unique opportunity to provide personal customer service and a good user experience online, not only will you keep your customers well informed, but also be satisfied with your business. User experience can extend beyond free shipping, it can include transparent and responsive customer service. 

Original Favorites is more than just a blanks supplier but also a brand partner. We help our customers through all stages of business and give them the best insights and tips to succeed. By setting up our customers with the best knowledge about the apparel industry, they will feel fully prepared to run their clothing brand.
luxury streetwear blanks
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