SUPIMA® Custom T-Shirts

Less than 1% of cotton grown worldwide is of the prized Pima ELS (extra long staple) variety used for luxury goods. Supima® is a portmanteau of Superior Pima and is tightly regulated and allocated, grown in the Western United States. This superior pima is the finest cotton grown anywhere in the world. The result is a softer, comfortable t-shirt than you can imagine. At Original Favorites we are proud to be one of the only authorized providers of Supima® blank printables on the planet.

Our Custom Platform

We make it easy. Our PDFs cover the custom options available to you as well as the pricing structure for our clients. Obviously each client's needs are different so we will custom tailor a solution for you, but these provide a framework and a better understanding of how we operate. Click the image to the right to view and/or download our PDFs. Or if you prefer, give us a call at (303) 339-0968.

Tech Pack

Download our tech packs at the link below and submit them as a PDF. Once we have received your tech pack we will get back to you with a quote.

What's Next?

Download the PDF below for all the information on timelines and what you can expect now that you've placed your order.

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