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Please allow 1-2 days for processing during our Supima® T-shirt restock.
Please allow 1-2 days for processing during our Supima® T-shirt restock.
Non-toxic wholesale clothing

Sustainable Wholesale Clothing | Certified Non-Toxic

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sustainable wholesale clothing

The Problem with Toxic Dyes

Many people now have prioritized ethically-made clothing over fast fashion since the fast fashion industry has received attention. When it comes to sourcing t-shirts, people are more likely to seek an ethical tee company than a standard one. Color and color retention, a defining characteristic, can play a part in reckless production methods. The sad reality is that many dyes used to create clothing are not only toxic for the environment but also harmful for people. Toxic chemicals have become too common in the apparel industry. Formaldehyde is a common ingredient in certain toxic dyes. More ethical t-shirt suppliers are emerging and share the value of certifications that make certain safe and healthy dyes are used in a garment. The leading global certification for this is the OEKO-TEX Standard 100. Acquiring this certification verifies apparel safety and offers trust through independent third-party certification. This is a huge advantage to clothing brands as they choose their blanks supplier. Being able to show their customers the entire supply chain and its ethical methods is imperative to most consumers, and is a big advantage for brands when choosing ethically sourced blanks instead of non-toxic blanks.


How To Avoid Toxic Dyes


Sustainably Dyed and Treated

At Original Favorites, we only offer products that are dyed and treated using sustainable practices. We offer sustainable blank t-shirts, long-sleeve shirts, hoodies, crewnecks, sweatpants, sweatshorts, zip-ups, and beanies. We offer the highest quality of clothing with no compromises when it comes to sustainability. Down to the detail of our dyes used in our garments, we did all the research needed, water based vs. oil based, toxins, etc. and landed on a combination of incredible raw materials and a flawless production process. We do this to prove that there are eco-friendly wholesale t-shirts and fleece readily available through our platform. We give brands the option to increase their product value by using eco-friendly blanks that have science-based certifications to back up their sustainability claims.


sustainable wholesale clothing


What are OEKO-TEX® Fabrics?

OEKO-TEX is the global leader in certifying against harmful substances in clothing. From the coating on the zippers to the print that is on the garment, every component goes through the testing process to ensure its safety. With everything that goes into producing garments, it is imperative that all apparel components are examined when going the extra step to give the consumer confidence and accreditation of quality. This ensures that no part of the garment is harmful to human or environmental health. Being certified through the OEKO-TEX Standard 100 plays a part in our products being made with certified organic cotton that we certify through GOTS. GOTS is a highly respected global certification. Any product with the trademarked GOTS certification, can believe 100% in the nature of the product being 100% certified organic. This is important because without independent third party certifications, companies can just claim baseless facts about their products. The OEKO-TEX Standard 100 within GOTS is imperative because it is often a standard that is overlooked, safe color dyes. We value this standard and all of our other certifications as we want to offer our customers luxury 100% organic cotton clothing at wholesale prices.

Staying Transparent about Sustainability

The importance of transparency in supply chains has never been more valued than right now. Trends for consumers caring about sustainability are rising but they do not always lead to companies making the right changes. These new expectations have lead to false claims being made about being sustainable just to align with consumer wants and without putting in the efforts to actually implement change in their production process. This strategy is called greenwashing, and can be seen throughout many companies in the apparel industry, learn more about it and how to avoid it here. It is important to understand the reality of this strategy so that one can be cautious. Implementing real sustainable practices in an apparel business aligns directly with curating a high quality blank. Usually luxury and sustainability are mutually exclusive in the apparel industry, as sustainability has become expected in the luxury space. For example, if one wanted to look for a luxury blank they would expect both a super soft feel and ethical production methods. When it comes to our wholesale blanks sector in the apparel industry, we want to offer both sustainable t-shirt and sustainable fleece so that our customers can not only enjoy guilt-free clothing but clothing that they are proud to wear.


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