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A rampant problem in our industry

'Greenwashing’ is defined as misleading or false claims made by a brand that their products are more environmentally friendly than they really are. Fashion brands and suppliers are sadly some of the worst offenders of greenwashing in any industry.

A rampant problem in our industry

In an attempt to gain consumer attention, businesses will focus on portraying themselves to the public as caring for the planet, rather than taking actionable measures to reduce their impact.

As sustainable fashion becomes an expectation, consumers and agencies alike are learning more ways to spot these false claims in the industry. With numerous companies advertising a sustainable approach, it is important to know how to avoid greenwashing and understand the solutions.

Avoiding greenwashing

It is up to us to fix it

We believe that knowledge is power and educating oneself is key to understanding the reality of what one is purchasing. Once one has a grasp on the issue of greenwashing, it is up to them to become part of the solution. Without education efforts made and building awareness among the community, businesses will continue to put their efforts into fooling their consumers instead of making actionable steps that make their product better for the environment. If we all come together as one and stop accepting the lies the industry wants us to believe, we can start making a true difference in the world of sustainable fashion.

Demand Certifications

As environmental stewardship becomes a larger topic, industry leaders from across platforms are working with third-party organizations to validate what they are being told by their factories. Having a sustainability certification from a credible third-party organization is crucial. The unfortunate reality is that without a certification from an organization such as GOTS, these "organic" claims from brands are largely baseless. We should demand transparency, authentication and certification from our suppliers.

Detecting eco-friendly claims

We Want to Help

The sad reality is that many of the garments that are produced use residual dyes, hazardous chemicals, heavy metals, microfibers, and mordants to help bond dyes with fabric. Many of these synthetic dyes, specifically azo dyes, are carcinogenic. Azo dyes are water-soluble making them easy for skin to absorb and, as a result, may cause skin and eye irritation.

Even though most countries have banned these toxic dyes, there are still parts of the world that still use these in production to support the high demand of fast fashion. Many countries can’t access clean drinking or bathing water because of the contamination caused by harmful dyes. This effect of apparel production is obviously very harmful and not sustainable, which leads us to be different and prioritize safety.

Even if the Original Favorites products are not a fit for your company's needs, we are here to help. Use us as a resource for your brand or business. Educate yourself so that you can ask your suppliers the right questions. With all of us working together we can peel back the layers and dig deeper into the supply chain. You may not find what you like but that can help better inform future decisions.

Greenwashing awareness

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